Transform your business with personalised software designed to break free of limitations and issues

We specialise in bespoke digital transformations by revolutionising your use of Technology and Software to break free from limitations, bugs, errors and security issues.


Web Development

We use cutting-edge measures to develop clean, secure, state-of-the art websites with everything you need included. We don't take shortcuts and the quality of your product is important to us. We can create any kind of website you would like, so please feel free to reach out and discuss this in more detail.


Software Development

We can develop any kind of software system which suits your requirements, and we can develop this in any way which is needed. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Claire Wayman

Sunshine Co-operative CIC

Chris has done a brilliant job throughout. We had complete trust in the work that was being done and he didn’t take advantage. He has a brilliant work ethic, explained the process as he went and was thorough so we were always on the same page. It’s to be noted that Chris is really lovely human being and we would love to stay in touch with him.

Dave Myers

Stronghold Nation Community

I have been associated with Chris for nearly 7 years. With very few related Sites on the Web, the site he developed for us is stupendous. He is constantly upgrading The Site to make it appealing to both Visitors and Members alike. The Site is very much becoming a ''Worldwide'' source for ''all things'' Stronghold.

Matthew Brown

Participant, Fundamentals of the Internet Course

Chris is a very kind and thoughtful and has helped me grasp a greater understanding on all topics we looked at. Would definitely recommended Chris and his course.

Samir Zahirović

University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Christopher was dedicated to modernizing the forums, he was quick at making it mobile-friendly, he was improving the website “under the hood”, he would quickly fix any error that might occur, and all that while doing his many other obligations. This is a testimonial to how hard working, competent, and talented Christopher is, and how he is a great guy to work with!

Claire Nicholson-Bell

Dark of the Moon Holistic Ltd

From the moment I met Christopher I knew he was going to be able to bring my vision to life. Christopher has not only created exactly what I wanted but has also become a collaborator and a fantastic source of advice on how best to move forward. It’s invigorated my passion for my own business and has me excited about the future again. Christopher has literally helped to keep my business alive.

Venetica Parkins

Freelance Photographer

I worked with Chris on my home security problems, he sorted the problem immediately.