About Us

Cosmo Digital Solutions exists because there is an inherent lack of skills within the web industry. We believe that in order to fix a technical issue, develop a website or system, or provide an effective service, you must first fully understand how the respective system works on a core level, in depth, and recognise the correct action to permanently resolve issues.

With the move towards the Cloud, centralisation of data in the hands of a few multinational corporations, and the increasing move towards AI, these issues, particularly around web security, are becoming an increasing problem and are only going to get worse unless addressed. The correct practices exist to secure websites effectively but are simply not used for one reason or another.

Cosmo Digital Solutions was founded in 2022 by Software Developer Christopher Marshall after over a decade of experience in this field and recognised that these problems could no longer go unchallenged. We provide services that actually resolve problems, without excuses and are setup correctly the first time. This results in dramatically lower costs in the long run for a client, less hassle with websites or systems failing, faster, more-optimsed loading times, a genuinely credible, knowledageble service and websites built with the correct security practices applied to it from day 1. These measures also mean that your confidential business or personal data is far less likely to be hacked or leaked resulting in large GDPR fines and other unnecessary headaches. Vulnerability and website hacks are not a part of daily life, nor do they have to be. They are simply a choice that you have to take as to whether they are acceptable to you or not.

We provide credible, secure and optimised services primarily for businesses who want a reliable service and an experienced pair of hands to take ownership. We work or have worked with global clients from all sectors such as community-based websites, political organisations, small and medium sized enterprises, charities, portfolio websites, health and wellbeing organisations, campaign groups and many more.

About our Founder

Christopher created his first website aged 13 after noticing a huge blind spot in the market; an online gaming community dedicated to the Stronghold series, which quickly became one of the most active standalone communities in the world to the extent that other competitors tried to close him down.

Growing up he self-taught the art of web security, the importance of optimisation and creating web applications from scratch with limited advice and support from experienced professional Software Developers.

While studying Computing at Sunderland University, he launched his own community forum software with an international team of 3, and later contributed to a number of open source projects such as globally renowned phpMyAdmin.

During his time at University he won an award for Web Development and after graduation he found a role in a leading charity running and managing all of the technology systems and providing business support.

Christopher has been mentored by a mentee of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, most credited for the invention of the World Wide Web, and has partnered with a number of other leading Entrepreneurs such as Sabrina Stocker, a finalist in 2018's The Apprentice show.